Awakening Your Power of Your Loving Presence for the Embodiment of More Love in Your Everyday Life

with Sri'ama Qala, under the Auspice of the Holy Mother with Visitations, Divine Assistance and Teachings from The Enlightened Presences - Mary, Isis, Quan Yin, Babaji, Kuthumi, Djwhal Khul and Christ


A one week residential retreat
in Upper New York State, USA

A one week meeting with the Holy Mother can bring you gifts, responses and healing that your soul has requested and called for over many years beloveds.

This sacred retreat is held in a very special place, allowing your soul to be held as you enter the depth of your heart and embrace all in your life that now truly needs to be loved.

Inside of each one of you lives, the Loving Presence of your Soul. This is the love that needs to be shared by your being to support you to know the Love of God-Source is pure, true and available in every moment to you.

As a spiritual being, you be given the greatest support, beyond your expectations, over this one week retreat so you may know this Love, feel this love, and embody Divine Love with reverence, gratitude and a new awareness.

The gentle energy of 7 enlightened presences known as Mary, Isis, Quan Yin, Babaji, Kuthumi, Christ and Djwhal Khul, will be offering visitations to you each day during this one week retreat. Their loving presence's will be guiding you to remember how to bring this strong love through, and teaching you the simple steps that create a soul to embody the love of their Presence.

  • To be present with this love is the very first step and receive directly from the Unified Field of love.
  • To receive enough love to heal that which may lay in your heart, blocking this greater flow of love is the second step beloved.
  • To listen to the love within you and allow this love to be your guide in life is the third step beloved.

These 3 simple steps are the steps needed by every soul, for the embodiment of greater love to be their experience.

Your love is energized, magnified and increased in volume when you live through these 3 steps of embodiment. This journey will support your energy and heart to not only stay open, but lead to the strengthening and daily replenishment of love flowing through your being.

This special retreat also will offer you gentle and simple yet profound meditation practices you can continue to work with, to develop this more deeply as your loving presence guides you.

Within your soul's divine connection with God- Source, you are also supported when you are ready to be guided by your higher self, your higher consciousness. When your energy raises in love and love flows through your heart through attuning to these 3 simple steps of embodiment, it also brings a secondary gift to you through opening a clear connection with your higher self, your super-consciousness beloved.

The greater the flow of love through your heart, the greater the connection begins to open between your mind and your higher self, opening a greater access to your higher awareness beloved. This higher self awareness, also known as your super-conscious mind, carries the awareness for all related to your life and when your mind switches into this higher connection, the guidance is given to your mind relating to all matters in your life so they will align to creating a greater flow of love and oneness.

The Enlightened Presences through their visitations during the retreat, will be bringing special dispensations to all present, so the mind can learn to operate from this level of higher self connection. This sacred intention and offering can only occur over a one week retreat in a very special portal of light, which will be opened by the Enlightened Presences at the Menla Mountain Retreat Center, in Phoenicia, in New York State, USA.

If it is your heart calling to be a member of this group who will sit in the presence of Sri'ama Qala and these 7 Enlightened Presences to receive the greater love opening, trust the love within your soul to guide you and God's love to support you to be able to be present and released of all other commitments, so you may retreat into your heart and receive this great gift beloveds.

  • Registrations are being taken now to complete the group of 20 maximum participants.
  • Sri'ama Qala's one week retreat fees are $1500. A payment plan is on offer for those who wish to discuss this.

All attendees are asked to bring a USB memory stick, to receive the recordings of the retreat once the retreat is complete. This is offered as a part of the retreat package.

Email and Phone Contacts: for Registration and all Enquiries
Janice Amaraya
Kathryn El'Qui'Eeshah
If you wish to contact Sri'ama Qala more directly