with Sri'ama Qala and the Enlightened Masters


Every soul has a "Presence of Unconditional Love" which can be awakened to improve the quality of their life. This one day seminar is a divine journey of learning to meet your Loving Presence via receiving 3 master processes that have been designed to propel and facilitate this experience in your life.

In this seminar, the qualities of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and GRACE are ignited through your chakras and energy body and you will receive a guided meditation facilitating a deep journey with the enlightened masters, archangels and angels to open your consciousness to accept your innocence and faith as an empowerment of love for your life.

  1. "Become a Pillar of Unconditional Love" through The Pillar of Unconditional Love process. This process teaches you how to open a pillar of unconditional love through your chakras and activate your heart and higher heart circuitry, so you feel UNCONDITIONAL LOVE in your being.
  2. "Become a Pillar of Grace" — through the Pillar of Grace process. This process teaches you how to open a pillar of Grace through your chakras and activate your heart's circuitry of Compassion, so you can feel the Grace of God's blessings.
  3. "OPEN YOUR HEART to experience the grace of your LOVING PRESENCE in your life" through learning how to open a pillar of unconditional love and a pillar of grace as your DIVINE PRESENCE blesses you with infinite love and grace for all occurring in your life.

During the one day seminar, many angels, archangels and enlightened beings will raise your energy levels and infuse you with divine love so you may feel a shift in your vibration and learn to deeply connect with your Divine Presence and receive divine love. You will leave the one day seminar feeling lighter, and in a higher vibration, and carry with you the awareness how to reactivate your unconditional love and receive grace and love when it is needed.

CONTACT: Email Deborah El'elia in Maine, USA
for registrations/information moonsoul9@aol.com

SEMINAR FEE: US$200. A non-refundable deposit of US$100 is required upon registration. All who attend the seminar will receive access to the recordings of the seminar.

SEMINAR PACKAGES: If you wish to attend all 3 seminars on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, there is a reduced fee of US$400 for the whole package, instead of $440.