with Sri'ama Qala and the Enlightened Masters


This 2.5 hour seminar offers you an introductory talk in regards to how you can awaken the power of your Divine Presence within you.

Sri'ama Qala will share 3 primary understandings with all, in regards to:

  • how you are able to activate a high vibration of love within your chakra system through specific forms of energy work.
  • how you can have access via your mind to your higher consciousness (also known as your super consciousness) when the chakras carry a high love vibration.
  • how you begin to awaken the power of your Divine Presence and be guided through the universal plan of divine love and empowerment for your being, when access between your super consciousness and your conscious mind is activated clearly.

This introductory seminar offers you potential pathways of exploration if you wish to powerfully begin to raise the vibration of love frequency within your chakras and energy field, and open your super conscious connection through your mind, for this specific shift of your energy and consciousness, known as Awakening the POWER OF YOUR DIVINE PRESENCE IN YOUR LIFE.

Sri'ama Qala awakened the power of her Divine Presence in 1999 and since that time has been an international teacher with the simple mission of travelling the world, co-creating advanced trainings with the enlightened masters and archangels, and carrying forth these trainings, retreats and tours in honour of the potential every human being holds within, to live a life of love, compassion and wisdom.

SEMINAR FEE: $40 for the evening seminar

CONTACT: Email Deborah Elelia for registrations/information

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