Sacred Pilgrimage to Tibet

September 8th – 22nd, 2013
with Sri'ama Qala and the Enlightened Masters





Drepung Monastery

Drepung Monastery

Sacred Pilgrimage to Tibet

We bless you and invite you to join us on a heart pilgrimage through Tibet in divine service to your soul's path of enlightenment, and to the Heart Chakra of Tibet. This is a beautiful clarion call for you to join Sri'ama Qala Phoenix, Ken Ballard and the Enlightened Guardians of the Earth on a spiritual pilgrimage and journey of healing and divine service through Tibet, visiting some of Tibet's most special portals of light, monasteries and sacred sites.

Some of you may feel a deep kinship with Tibet, and the profound spiritual service and path of compassion Tibet has offered, and continues to offer in service to all beings. This sacred journey to Tibet promises to take your soul and spirit deeply on a journey into the Lotus Heart Chakra of Tibet. You will be spiritually cocooned and held by the divine love of Tara and Buddha for 14 days and nights so you may energise your own heart in Lotus Tantra practice and experience inner bliss, and offer planetary healing to Tibet's heart and all its people.

The Enlightened Master's teach that when a soul's heart is filled with the energy of bliss, they become pure vessels for planetary healing. This is our group mission dear heart - to receive from Tara and Buddha, the teachings and practices for the creation of our inner bliss, and to offer planetary healing of the heart chakra of Tibet. Our group will travel as a love pod, surrounded and filled with the highest frequency of love via the full focus of the Enlightened Ones as we journey as spiritual pilgrims.

Beloved, if you are pulsed by spirit or guided to join Sri'ama Qala, your soul carries a special puzzle piece for this group mission beloved, sourced from an ancient life in Tibet, or a spiritual gift you hold on the inner planes of light. During this sacred journey, you will discover your special puzzle piece as you activate the bliss inside your heart and offer your service as a pillar of love and light for planetary healing in the special portals of Tibet.


The Lotus Heart Tantra Path is a path of enlightenment based on the feminine teachings of Buddha and the Holy Mother, through the 21 Taras. White Tara is the principle teacher of the path of Lotus Heart Tantra. The teachings and practices involve specific mantras, mudras and a meditative focus which activates the inner bliss within the heart chakra.

When the heart chakra is filled with the energy of pure bliss, the soul begins to experience its divinity and the divine grace of God or omnipresence of the universe. Inner bliss, when activated, can be directed through the physical body for healing, or for tantra, or sent into areas of the earth or to communities for planetary healing.

This sacred pilgrimage is being created to support your soul to deepen your path of enlightenment through receiving these teachings as direct transmissions from the enlightened planes, in the Tibetan portals of enlightenment as you offer your highest service, beloveds.

Lotus Heart Tantra is an esoteric path of knowledge and wisdom based on compassion, which sources from the Tara, the feminine Buddha. It unites the feminine, masculine and soul energy within your heart to create inner bliss, also known as "ananda" in Sanskrit. Lotus Heart Tantra sources from a spiritual lineage that is closely aligned to Varjayana Buddhism. As we receive the teachings, we will soul travel into the portal of Mt Kailash in meditation to receive the highest frequency and source connection to these new teachings.

The spiritual lineage of this feminine path of enlightenment is carried through the lands of Tibet, India, Nepal and down through Thailand, as the pure energy of compassion. This great ley line or spiritual current of loving compassion that runs through the earth through these regions, has been a place for souls to receive enlightenment or open to their path of enlightenment for thousands of years.

Drepung Monastery

Drepung Monastery


The spiritual guardians of Tibet live within this great ley line, which spirals through the land of Tibet, beginning in the base of the Himalayas. You are invited to journey deeply into your heart to ignite the White Lotus Tantric Path towards enlightenment through this sacred pilgrimage. This is a path of deep meditation, mudra and mantra for the ignition of bliss within the heart and the transmission of this bliss to create planetary healing for all beings.

Beloveds, many monks, lamas, rinpoches and nuns from Tibet are giving and have been giving their service to the Earth in holding the light of compassion as a mantra and service to all beings. Yet within the Heart of Tibet, there is a grief held in the land and spiritual portals from all that has occurred over the last 62 years. Tara and Buddha and Sri'ama Qala will be offering the blessings, meditations and sacred ceremonies for the fulfillment of the higher purpose of this group mission, of service to Tibet.

If your soul has incarnated in Tibet in another lifetime, feeling deeply connected to Tibet, spiritually, you may be guided to join Sri'ama Qala on this spiritual pilgrimage through Tibet to reclaim a part of your soul, spirit or heart from this original lifetime. This can take place by making a deep heart connection to the sacred portals of Tibet whilst you are in an elevated and expanded state of energy and consciousness, which arises from the meditations and ceremonies.

As a spiritual pilgrim on this journey, you will be grounding your pillar of light and heart into special places in Tibet as you receive the sacred sessions, and also offer divine service to the spiritual guardians of Tibet who live in the portals of Tibet. Some of the spiritual guardians carry great grief for the souls of Tibet and the control they experience in regards to their way of life, sacred practices and spirituality. As a group, we will offer a planetary service to assist the Enlightened Guardians and Spiritual Guardians of Tibet to clear some of the karma in the heart chakra of Tibet.

During the journey through Tibet, we will be visiting auspicious places including sacred rooms in monasteries to receive from Source, The Holy Mother, our Divine Presences, Lord Buddha and Tara and the Enlightened Guardians of Tibet, through guided meditations, chanting, and blessing ceremonies for our path of enlightenment.

Throughout the journey, Tara and Lord Buddha and other Enlightened Beings will be transmitting the mystical teachings and practices of the feminine path of enlightenment to our group, and as a group, we will anchor these teachings and the bliss frequency transmitted into the portals of Tibet, to bring planetary healing to the guardians of Tibet.

These ancient practices being brought forth are based on bringing the tantric energies into the heart and creating bliss inside of your heart and then sharing this bliss as a healing energy with all beings.

As we sit in circles, we will form a bridge from the Enlightened Planes into the land and enter ceremonies to support all souls and all spiritual guardians to receive the divine blessings of this feminine grace. We will be calling on all of the Tibetan people, all Spiritual Guardians, Monks, Nuns, Lamas and Rinpoches to join us and receive on a soul level, the divine transmissions from Tara, Buddha and the Enlightened Ones in service to the healing of the heart of Tibet.

If this journey resonates with your heart and soul, this journey is being created for you and you will have a once in a lifetime experience.

Potala Palace

Potala Palace


Ken-la Ballard
Gatekeeper of Sacred Sites
& Author and Photographer of the book
TIBET -100,000 prayers of Compassion

We are so blessed to have Ken Ballard as our tour guide. Ken-la, as he is lovingly called, is an amazing friend of the Tibetan people, a spiritual teacher - high initiate of the light and experienced traveller of Tibet. Ken-la has been taking people on sacred journeys in South East Asia since 1986.

Having personally led 34 groups on sacred journeys to Tibet as a guide, Ken-la has a true affinity with every sacred place we will visit. As well as having a very big heart, Ken-la has the higher consciousness and wisdom to make the journey for our group, very special. Over many years, his heart has led him to return over and over again to Tibet to activate his ancient heritage as a soul – his spiritual power as a teacher and guide.

Ken-la and Sam, his partner, are arranging this special journey for us and will be our tour guides. They both carry special gifts that will make our journey fun, light and easy. They bring a great balance to the immense power we will experience from our connection to the light in each of the sacred places and to the bliss and love we will be activating through the Lotus Heart Tantra Teachings and Meditations.

We are truly so blessed to have Ken-la organize all aspects of our journey for this special spiritual pilgrimage. Travel as a spiritual group is not always easy in Tibet due to the restrictions placed on all, by the Chinese government, but with Ken-la's experience and friendships, this journey promises to carry us in a high energy current with grace and ease through each sacred portal and sacred site.

Sri'ama Qala

Spiritual Teacher & Messenger for the Enlightened Masters, Founder of The Divine University & Celestial Project
Author of "Opening our Spiritual Eyes"
Karmic Clearing for the Earth & Humanity

Over the last 12 years, Sri'ama Qala has led deep profound journeys offering enlightened teachings and planetary portal work in service to Earth and all beings, through USA, Mexico, Canada, England, France, Hungary, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, South Africa, Kenya, Egypt, India, Nepal, Bali, Australia and New Zealand.

As a spiritual teacher, she has been blessed with many extraordinary gifts, which she uses to help guide and encourage people to connect to the power of their hearts, and to source the divine energy, love and wisdom within, from their Divine Presence.

Qala has direct contact with the guardians of the land and sacred sites, and the Archangels & Enlightened Masters. She travels to special areas in the world, with groups, to receive from the Enlightened Realms, special forms of new education, dispensations, and personal and planetary healing in service to Gaia and all beings. She is directed to the areas in the world that will benefit each member of the group, the community, and offers planetary service to the world.

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Our Itinerary Sept 8-22, 2013

September 8th, 2013

Beloveds, our Journey begins in Chengdu where you will meet the group at Chengdu airport and catch an early morning flight Chengdu to Lhasa. You will need to fly to Chengdu prior to this date and stay in a hotel of your choice. We can offer you some recommendations once you register. Also bring snacks and a light lunch for the plane.

After we arrive, we will visit Gonggar Chode Monastery, offering incense, and move as pilgrims through the rooms of the monastery. We will receive our first transmission from Sri'ama Qala. Ken-la, our beautiful tour guide, has known the lamas since the 1990's so we are blessed to have permission for our group to chant and for Qala to give a transmission in the special Mahakala/Bardo room that is usually locked. We will journey onto Lhasa to have dinner.

September 9th, 2013

We will visit the Jokhang temple and the Barkhor Square and then have lunch. In the afternoon we will visit the wall of the Blue Medicine Buddha & the Temple of Abundance (These are not places that regular travelers visit). We will then have Dinner.

Note: Each day as we visit the monasteries/temples and sacred sites, we will sit in circle for 3 hours at different periods over the day to receive from Tara, the journey into our Hearts, to activate the divine bliss inside through the Lotus Heart Tantra teachings and practices.

September 10, 11th and 12th, 2013

Over 3 days, we will be sitting in deep connection in sacred space, receiving the first Transmissions and Journeys with Tara for the Lotus Tantra of your Heart – learning to activate bliss inside of your heart. We will break each day for lunch and dinner.

September 13th

We will visit the Potala Palace and then have Lunch. In the afternoon we will visit Nechung Temple of the Oracle and then meet for dinner. As we continue our journey through each site, we will be guided in ceremonies and meditations to develop the inner bliss and our transmission of it into the Heart of Tibet through the Tibetan portals.

September 14th

We will visit the Lungdrub Valley and visit some of the most special sites in this beautiful sacred valley, outside Lhasa. We will have a picnic lunch and work in the outdoors and the outer courtyard. We will then have dinner.

September 15th

We will visit Drepung Monastery and then have a late Lunch. Dinner is not included on this day and can be arranged personally in Lhasa to give all more freedom.

September 16th

We will drive from Lhasa to Shigatse, visiting the temple of the 21 Taras enroute. We will have a Picnic Lunch and then Dinner after our sacred journeys in the Temples.

September 17th

We will visit the immense Tashilungpho Monastery. Lunch. In the afternoon we will make the Kora circumambulation walk around the monastery and then have Dinner.

September 18th

Morning drive to Shalu Monastery and visit a special small Protector Temple enroute, for ceremony. (This is the area/valley where Kuthumi, El Morya and Djwhal Khul were said to have been, according to the esoteric writings of Helen Blavatsky. It is a very powerful area.) We will have lunch. In the afternoon we will visit Kenla's dear friends, the nuns of Gyantse for a Tara ceremony. Then we will have Dinner.

September 19th

Morning visit to the immense Kumbum Monastery and Pelkor Chode Stupa. Experience the Mahakala ceremony in a special Protector room. We will have Lunch and then drive to Lhasa. Dinner not included on this day to allow more freedom for all to make their own arrangements in Lhasa.

September 20th

We will visit the Sacred Cave Monastery of Drak Yerpa. 1.5 hour walk up to the first cave then walking across to many of the cave monasteries including The Cave of Maitreya. (Many teachers feel this is the Wesak Valley). We will have a Picnic Lunch and our circles will be in countryside, outdoors, or in the temple courtyard. Dinner not included on this day to allow all more freedom to make their arrangements.

September 21st

We will sit in ceremony in a 7th century monastery with the Gyuto monks chanting for the special full moon ceremonial time. These are Kenla's dear friends so we will come as welcomed guests. We will then have Lunch and in the afternoon experience our magical completion circle in heart giving, and then celebrate in group dinner together.

September 22nd

Our group journey will be complete as we take a morning flight from Lhasa to Chengdu.

Practicals for the Journey


To register for the Journey to Tibet, all you need to do is make a deposit before March 15th, 2013.

DEPOSITS: AU$825 needs to received before Friday March 15th, 2013. This deposit is non-refundable as our tour guide will be sending this money to Tibet as payment for pre-arranged bookings.

Due to this, all participants are advised to purchase travel cancellation insurance so if you need to cancel your journey due to unexpected or unforeseen circumstances, you will financially be reimbursed for all costs. Trip Travel Insurance is usually not expensive and is based on the dates you will be away.


Each individual will receive preparation via 3 special meditations (3x 30 minute audio recordings) when they register for this sacred journey. The 3 special meditations will prepare their energy and soul for the awakening of the inner bliss within the heart, in September, 2013. By listening to the 3 meditations in your free time, before coming on the journey, you will deeply prepare yourself to be able to activate the Lotus Tantra and Inner Bliss within your Heart on this sacred journey.

A VERY SPECIAL GIFT FOR ALL WHO REGISTER: All who make their deposit for the Journey to Tibet by March 15th, will be given a very special gift of the audio series called, "The Secret Teachings of the Masters" in the end of March, valued at AU$1500. This profound audio program was recently created in Egypt in 2012 by Sri'ama Qala during a 14 day tour.

The teachings and meditations from the "Secret Teachings" may be listened to at any time before the journey to Tibet. Although the subject matter (The Lotus Tantra Path) is very different and the style of meditations/teaching will be very different, the frequency and connection made through listening to the "Secret Teachings" will prepare your consciousness and energy for the Lotus Heart Tantra transmissions with Tara and Buddha. Please note, it is not essential to listen to the "Secret Teachings of the Masters" before travelling to Tibet.



SINGLE SUPPLEMENT: AU $850 extra if you would like your own room.

Your deposit of $825 needs to be made by March 15th, 2013.
The Final Payment of your Travel Package is due by June 7th, 2013.

SPECIAL NOTE: The accommodation travel package is quoted, based on 30 people's attendance. If a larger number of people join the journey, the price of the accommodation travel package may be reduced to AU$4250 per person/twin share.


  • 14 nights twin share accommodation from 8th September to 21st September, 2013.
  • The $700+ cost for the Lhasa/Chengdu return ticket/flight, including the cost of Tibetan permit + the myriad extra permits to the many out of the way locales we will visit, is included in this tour package.
  • All meals except 3 dinners, are included in the tour package. Food is ample & excellent and is served family style. There are no a-la-carte orders included, as choices are simple in Tibet. Food choices are vegetarian or non- vegetarian.
  • Transport to all sites, monasteries and sacred places over the 14 days.
  • Services of our extraordinary tour guides.
  • Access and arrangement of special places to sit in circle and do our sacred work as a group.


TEACHING FEES: AU$2225 The teaching fee payment is due to be paid by August 30th, 2013.


  • The 14 days of teachings, practices and guided journeys with Tara and Buddha for the Activation of Inner Bliss in your Heart – Opening to the Lotus Tantra Path – the Feminine Path of Enlightenment.
  • You will receive high quality audio recordings of all sessions of this sacred journey, to re-listen to in your own home.
  • Each individual will receive a divine reading of their spiritual connection to Tibet and the spiritual lineage of compassion that travels through the lands of Tibet, India, Nepal and Thailand. This personal reading will be sourced from Tara and Buddha and offered to give understanding, regarding what one needs to personally embrace, love or forgive, illuminate and bring into the heart for the activation of one's inner bliss in the heart chakra.
  • You will receive energetic and practical support during the journey from Qala or one her experienced assistants so you can energise your heart chakra and activate the inner bliss correctly, via the lotus tantra practices.
  • You will be held energetically by the Enlightened Masters throughout the 14 day journey, and filled with the highest frequency of love so you may activate the inner bliss within your heart chakra and offer your divine service to Tibet, with love.
  • If you make your deposit by March 15th, you will receive "The Secret Teachings of the Masters" audio program, which is valued at over AU$1500.
  • You will receive 3 meditations created by Sri'ama Qala, in the form of audio recordings, which you may listen to as a preparation for the Journey to Tibet. These are used to prepare for the Lotus Heart Tantra training.


Twin Share Room: $6775
Single Room: $7625

Dates of Registration and Payments

STEP 1: Deposits of AU$825 are due by March 15th, 2013. With your deposit, you need to fax or email us your registration form. When this is completed, you will be emailed in regards to how you can receive the preparation materials for the Tibet Journey.

STEP 2: Final Payments for your travel & accommodation package are due by June 7th, 2013.

  • Twin Share Room Payment is AU$3725
  • Or Single Room Payment (which includes the extra $850) is AU$4575

STEP 3: Teaching Fee payments of AU$2225 are due by August 30th, 2013

Other Important Information

FLIGHTS: The group is meeting on September 8th in Chengdu, China. Everyone needs to purchase a flight to Chengdu, China and be there by the 7th September. Chengdu, China is the entry point for taking a flight to Lhasa. We will fly to Lhasa on the morning of the 8th September. The flight to Lhasa is covered in your tour package.

VISAS: You will need to apply for visas to China, personally, as this is not covered in your tour package. It is important that you do not mention that you wish to travel to any places in Tibet when you apply for your visa to China, or it may be refused. Our tour guides will give you clear instructions on how to apply for your visa to China once you register for the group tour. China is not presently offering visas to any nationals from the UK, Norway, South Korea and the Philippines, unfortunately.

SPECIAL NOTE: Due to Chinese control over Tibet, at times closing the TAR region of Tibet at a moment's notice, all planned travel to Tibet needs a backup plan or alternate travel itinerary. In case the Chinese government closes the TAR border to foreigners prior to our journey, our alternate itinerary still offers a deep connection to Tibet and very sacred places and portals in Tibet.

Instead of entering the TAR, we would be flying to the north, to the second heart of Tibet, which will also be extraordinary for our sacred work and group mission. Information on this special region of Tibet can be located on the Land of Snows website. This is a very informative site for travel to Tibet.

Changes in our travel plans are unlikely to occur as our tour guide has wonderful connections in Tibet, but to register, you must be willing to accept our alternative itinerary for travel through Tibet if this limitation is placed on all foreigner's travel, unexpectedly. The journey still promises to visit very powerful special places in Tibet as we receive the journey with Tara and the Tibetan Guardians and Enlightened Masters to activate our inner bliss and offer planetary healing in service to Tibet.

Contact Us

To receive a registration form, or to answer any questions about the Sacred Pilgrimage to Tibet, contact Rapheah: Qala's personal assistant.
Telephone: +61 2 6685 8658
Fax: +61 2 6685 8612

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