Sri’ama Qala’s Sacred Work

Sri’ama Qala is a new world teacher, international presenter, author and founder of the Divine University Project and first Academy of Energy Science and Consciousness. Over the last 10 years, she has created an immense body of transformational programs for the support of humanity’s evolution, transformation, awakening to their Divine Presence and power to liberate themselves from.

Some of these are: the ease program, the ease for life empowerment program, the grace program and the self mastery school/sacred mystery school. All of these long term training programs are based on love and direct access to an infinite universal body of the divine knowledge held by the Enlightened Teachers of Humanity.

The most profound attribute of Sri’ama’s sacred work is the breadth of the subject material covered, the purity of the frequency and energy shared through all she offers, and the unusual phenomena that within every teaching session, Sri’ama births completely “new” material from what seems an infinite body of wisdom for humanity’s evolution and personal transformation, creating a vast library of “new education”, anchoring it different areas or portals of the world to support the collective consciousness of humanity to raise in vibration and awaken in world peace.

In the loving presence of many Enlightened Masters, Archangels and Angels that accompany her on the path of supporting the many people who are ready to awaken, transform and enlighten their lives, Sri’ama brings to her audiences, the love and guidance that is needed for their acceleration into the next step of their evolution.

Over the past seven years, Sri’ama has travelled extensively to share love and wisdom with many all over the world, offering primarily 2-3 week retreats, one year trainings, and divine teachings with groups in France, India, Peru, Egypt, USA, Mexico, New Zealand, Canada, England and within Australia, her home.