Sri’ama Qala’s Vision of Humanity

To give is to anoint life with the food and the love that life needs to continue to breathe and ignite its inner light. This inner light that liveth within all... that when diminished creates ill-health, imbalance, poverty, war, fear, anger and pain in all… is the most important food of our world. It is this light, our own divine energy that is the healing power to bring peace to all on Earth.

May you see with the inner light you have been blessed with, the truth in your own community of where life needs blessing, healing or needs your giving. Our greatest purpose here is not to enjoy our pleasures, although this is magnificent in the adventure of our lives here.

Our greatest purpose is to know love, be love, and give from our love so all who are with us may also know this love and we may experience unity consciousness. The sanctuary so many seek, in the exploration of their life goals, their life direction and their pleasure in life only gives a soul a limited journey here. Emptiness of spirit forms, pleasure becomes pain, and the seeking of fulfillment only leads to more seeking... when a soul does not fulfill their higher purpose and their heart here.

What if all beings could walk in arms of the Holy Presence of life and live a blessed life simply… by enough beings who through their open heart make this their focus in life. What if your life energy, through the inner light raising within you, through the divine love flooding through you, would give life to others here beyond your imaginings… would you leave your old life of fear? I give this simple vision to you as it easily can take place with the support, recognition and love of the Divine Presence of every human on Earth.

To see that the Divine Presence, the eternal light within all, this divine energy activates, connects and interconnects us all. Spirit, the light of God, lives silently inside awaiting to be called by each soul incarnate on Earth… awaiting the time when a soul truly wishes to open their heart to truly experience this interconnection of all of life, the oneness and their Divine Presence through all aspects of life. Your Divine Presence is here, within you and will awaken as you wish it too... to enlighten your world here.

The Ancients of Wisdom passed, have left remnants and keys for all of humanity to learn from, the journeys of the Ancient Ones who lived on Earth, were enlightened through their inner light growing so strong in their bodies, minds, souls and spirits. Christ, Buddha, Mary, Babaji, Germaine, Saints and Boddhisattvas of our history, many masters and great teachers, prophets, yogis, sages and illumined beings have walked the path before you and they now are here, to guide each one of you to your highest evolution here.

To fulfill your highest purpose. To know love and to embrace all that you meet in life with this great love you hold within, so peace and joy may be truly be experienced within, in oneness. This great planet of ours, the earth, her power to give to all and to our birth… is also shared within you in a simpler form that is accessed only by you choosing to give and open your heart to live in a higher way here…and letting all from you shed, just as a snake sheds their old skin. It is this journey of shedding the old ways and opening the heart that blesses you to birth and experience the new you, in Divine Presence and open Heart.

This form of self, your Divine Presence, is your greater heart and evolution and is the grace of your highest potential here. Met through the strength of your soul by simply choosing to accept your life can reflect love and what emanates to you, the energies of being completely whole. To be here now, accepting all as it is now... and to see the divine in all occurring, in all within and around you... is this state of consciousness.

The holy life, where the wholeness of you, is expressed, is your fulfillment for this incarnation and is the greatest gift you may give to another here. Your children, ancestors and parents, friends, family and all of humanity benefits deeply when your heart is fulfilled completely. The sacred influence of the divine energy you emanate when you experience your wholeness is healing to all and peace and unconditional love emanates through all of life and to all of life from your heart when this is your experience.

Take the time to know that your path is built by you but not only by you. Your path in life is built by you and the divine forces you recognize live within thee and around you. If one sees the light within, you build the lighter path for your soul here. If one sees the darkness within, you build your more difficult path of greater challenge and struggle here.

See the light within thy soul and know the love you hold is magnificent. May this vision of humanity give you life and inspiration!!! We are all truly magnificent! Peace be your path, beloved! See your life as a passageway for others to also experience love and peace!