Sri’ama Qala’s Unusual Gifts

Sri’ama Qala has been blessed with many extraordinary gifts. Some of the gifts she uses regularly in her sacred work are her abilities to:

  • see a soul’s heart, gifts, life path, life lessons and assist them to become energetically clear so they create their next step in life in accordance to their highest potential here.
  • guide others through the steps of awakening their heart, opening it, emanating unconditional love, igniting their divine consciousness and self mastery and share with them how to practically ground this in their everyday life.
  • guide a soul to open their divine connection to the universe, and the enlightened masters to receive profound assistance and to their own divine presence and to accept, love, forgive and transmute any blockages they have in being fully present and one with their love, light and power.
  • transmit large waves of divine energy/universal frequency to large groups or enough to an individual for the transformation of their energy and life experience and ignition and clearing of their chakras and fields, creating a quickening and change in their situation.
  • teach the most basic forms of universal teachings to very advanced teachings to groups on any subject matter that will advance a soul’s evolution on their divine path, working with their Divine Presence.
  • connect any soul to their enlightened self, or holy spirit, and awaken their path with divine presence, giving them simple or advanced tips of how to develop this connection – and how to ignite the divine energy within their energyfield and chakras for their own enlightenment.
  • see into the source of energy blockages of any situation, relationship, individual or any project, to support clearing or alignment, if this is for the highest good of all beings.
  • access to all universal wisdom and teachings that will propel souls on their path of enlightenment, covering all subject matters.
  • blueprint projects for the higher good directly from the Universal Plan or Divine Plan and receive in full clarity, the master blueprints, steps and keys for any project that is sourced for the highest good of all people and inspired by Spirit and the Enlightened Masters.
  • write, draw and design with the frequency of the enlightened realms, for the creation of new education, products, and tools that will support the Earth and humanity to receive love, divine energy, support and an acceleration of wisdom and universal heart connection.