Sri’ama Qala

Sri’ama Qala is a self realised mother of love. Her presence blesses all souls with the Love and Wisdom she holds for all of humanity as her greatest service to the upliftment and enlightenment of all beings.

Qala means “a small seed pearl of wisdom”. Sri’ama Qala’s divine consciousness seeds “wisdom and love” into the hearts of all ready to enter a new level of life. Illuminating Truth, in Unconditional Love and with a Deep Knowing of your Life Plan, Sri’ama Qala accesses the infinite wisdom of the enlightened realms, to gift this to each person in the most perfect illumined way, as if in answer to their silent prayers within.

Sri’ama’s sacred work comes from the realm of Love and Wisdom, as she walks each step hand in hand with all Enlightened Beings to assist the higher plan for humanity’s evolution and transformation from fear to the open heart and path of unconditional love.

The Divine path for all people is seen by her pure heart. She is a guide for the many who are now ready to open their hearts and accept their divinity. The Divine nature of her open heart embraces all to lift them and uplift them into a higher connection with Spirit, the eternal presence of Oneness/God and the internal presence of Love and Wisdom. Blessings and Truth with great love pours forth from Qala to all who are guided to her Presence. Expansion beyond the limiting beliefs and old paradigms take place through the new education and blessings she brings to all from the Enlightened Planes of Love.