“The Miracle of your Heart” Series

The Miracle of your Heart

Download the recordings of Qala Live for the 1st level
of your Heart Opening. This is a gift to you.

Share this with your friends, partners, family so they may open their hearts and begin to recieve their miracle connection with you. If you enjoy this first level of healing and transformation, you may wish to activate the true miracle of your heart chakra, and access your heart energy through purchasing the audio downloads of the final 5 levels of The Miracle Series, so you may have full access to the Miracles of your Heart.

Be the change you wish to see in our world, by igniting the miracle of your heart.You too can live an extraordinary life and create everyday to be special.

“The Miracle of your Heart” is your true power source of divine energy and as everyone knows, when you are not accessing your heart energy throughout your whole day... you simply do not experience flow and the whole of your life’s potential each day. These 6 amazing heart opening, liberating, blissful, one day power presentations will be solely focused on taking you on a quantum shift journey of the unleashing of the miracle of your heart into your life.

The series of these 6 podcasts have been skillfully designed by Sri’ama Qala and the Enlightened Masters to raise the vibration of your heart chakra potently. Profound things occur to all people, as they are touched deeply by the power of love, when and as their hearts open…Sri’ama Qala is a dynamic presenter whose clarity of heart and mind always surprises her audience … through this series Qala will be illuminating all people’s heart chakras. She invites you to:

  • Receive all you need so you may raise the vibration of your heart so it may stay open everyday! Experience pure love with all of your capacity with the support of Amazing Grace.
  • Ignite your true power of attraction through your heart miracle heart connection. Activating your full power to attract that which you focus on via your thoughts and intentions.
  • Receive a powerful loving journey, overflow with enlightened energy and be masterfully guided to open all the doors of your heart you may have secretly shut or hidden away.
  • Learn how to activate the Miracle Connection of your Heart to attract many new divine experiences and opportunities to you.
  • Learn how through full access to the miracle of your heart, you can co-create miracles.
  • Learn how you may easily raise the vibration of your heart chakra so you will no longer attract lower vibrational energies to you.
  • How to turn things around in your life that you react to, within just five minutes simply through the power of the miracle of your heart.
  • Witness your negative throughts and experiences being reduced rapidly as you master the five minute practises given to you, that will ignite the Miracle of your Heart in specific life situations. Master these practises and you will eliminate all negative thoughts from your life.

Without access to the miracle of your own heart, you will always be seeking fulfilment, love and success outside of yourself and you will often live with disappointments or always be left feeling a little empty, creating life to not be truly fulfilling. Give yourself this gift of a lifetime so the power of “your whole heart” is unleashed to benefit your life and all others!

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