with Sri'ama Qala and the Enlightened Masters — Mexico

22ND JUNE — 24TH JUNE, 2013 — A 3 DAY RETREAT — Mexico

This 3 day retreat is a journey through a series of crystal clear guided meditations, temple work and teachings that offer you the task and the ability to open your heart and meet and transform the two largest aspects of your soul and spirit that sabotage your experience of love and empowerment in life.

This 3 day journey will involve deep healing meditations, created with the energetic support of the powerful and loving dispensations of the Enlightened Teams of Assistance — Angels, Archangels and Enlightened Masters who will be in visitation with you over the 3 days.

If you choose to attend, you will be also given two personal readings over the 3 days so you may receive absolute clarity, regarding your two largest energy aspects that self-sabotage your empowerment of divine love in various aspects of your life.

You will be supported to meet and embrace these parts of yourself and work with your belief systems to transform them, allowing the flow of love to move through specific aspects of your life.

You will be given the understandings of how these 2 primary aspects of your energy and consciousness directly influence your life through your "feeling body" and how to transform them over the 3 days with the support of the Enlightened Masters, archangels and angels, to create the feeling of love to be experienced more powerfully.

This sacred healing work is very deep and touches on the core of a soul's primary blockages to experience empowerment in their love, as a human being. The benefits of this transformational journey will reach into every aspect of your life, and into all of your relationships and can occur very simply with Qala Sri'ama's assistance through this 3 day retreat into your EMPOWERMENT and DIVINE LOVE.

This is a true gift to yourself, a doorway for your regeneration, and a unique and rare opportunity which if taken, will produce amazing results through only 3 days of inner journeys. The retreat is being held in the countryside, outside Mexico City. All details will be provided upon enquiry.

CONTACT: Email Que'lama for registrations/information stellaparraestrada@hotmail.com