Sacred Pilgrimage to Northern India
Living on Light — the Ancient Teachings of the Yogi
with Babaji, Buddha and Maitreya

October 5th - October 20th, 2013


If you seek the light within, it will seek you, embody you and ignite the love inside of you... Babaji

Blessings from Babaji,

Many of you that receive the light through your chakras, are altering in your biochemistry. It is a natural process for your bodies to seek more light, lighter foods and higher vibrational waters to make the transition into becoming a body that is sustained and fed by a higher vibration of light.

As your consciousness raises and changes beloved, you are transitioning, just as many ancient ones have done before, on earth. The key to this transition is to learn to work with the light and your physical body and accept a new way of being when it serves you.

Some of you may find that food is not as easy to digest, and you may find some foods as too heavy for you. This is the first sign of the entry into this transition cycle I speak of. Others of you may find yourself at your fridge, feeling to feed yourself yet finding nothing in the fridge that really serves you.

These two experiences and the experience of eating less some days, and eating more than you normally would on other days, is all a part of the journey of your body trying to find balance in its biochemisty as it is learning to seek the light more deeply as its true sustenance.

This light I speak of, is held in some foods more deeply than in others. In accordance to how foods are grown, marketed, and manufactured, different foods will, over your life journey, resonate with you more deeply.

I am sharing this with you as I invite those of you who resonate with this, to consider a sacred pilgrimage of teachings and meditations which train your soul to create your body to live on the higher light vibrational energy and move through this transition, successfully. What in fact your bodies are seeking, is deeper communion with your holy spirit or the higher consciousness – pure light of God within.

As your body learns to receive more of this light, it begins to accumulate the light within a matrix that feeds your physical body, known as your etheric body. The etheric body is vibrating at a higher level once this occurs, and your physical body attunes and seeks the pure light to find resonance and harmony with the etheric or ka body that feeds it light, beloved.

All of the lovelightworkers on earth are sharing this experience together, and this pilgrimage I offer to you is in answer to the prayers some of you have been sending out from your hearts. New education about how to live on light, and the transition from the state of living on foods of lower vibrational energies, will be shared by three Masters of light – Buddha, Maitreya and from the wisdom I will share with all pilgrims.

Take some moments to consider this as a sacred opportunity, as within you, is the light of a great soul who carries the knowing if this pilgrimage is for truly for you.

I bless you and thank you for being in the light of God, and receiving the light of God as a representative of humanity in this time of their great transition. Blessed Be all Beings!

Namaste!, Babaji

Seeking the light will leadeth you to learn to live upon the light and drink from the light of God as your first source of energy.... You must love to receive the light, and love meditation to be able to sustain oneself on the light....

This is the yogi path... the path of meditation to receive the true sustenance for your life... it is the path of loving the light of God more than all material things... this is the path of the yogi and the spiritual aspirant.... Buddha

Learn to Live on Light and Raise the Light Vibration of Your Physical Body and Mind for Your Spiritual Expansion

A Sacred Pilgrimage Through Northern India Living on Light — Yogi Training for Your Mind and Body

With spiritual teacher, Sri'ama Qala Phoenix, and the Enlightened Masters, Babaji, Buddha and Maitreya

Spiritual Pilgrimage from Delhi - Dharamsala – Varanasi - Bodhgaya October 5th – October 20th, 2013

Inside the heart of every living being is the light in its purest form, and in a quantity that can feed the physical form everything it needs to live in health and well being. The science of light is unknown to mankind, and held in the scriptures of the enlightened ones. This light, that is the very source of all life, is available to all beings and is the very essence of what generates a living being to enlighten.

In the north of India, lay specific portals of light where souls can access new levels of connection to their inner light. Souls who are called by their heart to enlighten their minds and bodies with the light, may be initiated to a learning which many Masters have embodied and continue to embody. This learning is the "art of living from the energy of pure light".

There are five stages of transformation in the physical body and mind that a soul moves through to become self sufficient in their energy, and to manifest their physical form to receive its needs from the pure light energy. These five stages of transformation will be shared, and techniques of how to achieve this will be explained and taught by Babaji, Buddha and Maitreya to all who wish to develop their lightbody structure to a level where their minds and physical forms are indeed receiving the pure light in the highest form.

Essential understandings of the human energy system and physical structure of the body, the nature of the mind and how the light penetrates to enlighten the body and mind, will be explained with simplicity and clarity by the Masters Babaji, Maitreya and Buddha.

Universal teachings offered only previously to those on the Path of the Yogi, will be shared with all who join this sacred pilgrimage through the North of India. As the pilgrimage begins in Delhi, the light Masters will begin to activate the energy systems of each pilgrim to a new level of light connection.

This new level of light connection involves receiving special dispensations for the physical body and mind, to operate in a new way so they may assimilate the light frequency. This new way involves a large light energy penetrating the aura and cells of the body and the body adjusting to this through the drinking of special waters, infused with the rays and dispensations, to create an alchemical change in the body's nature to be able to process all it ingests. Foods will still be eaten, for as long as a soul wishes for this, but the need for as much sleep, and food will lessen.

All pilgrims on the spiritual pilgrimage will be learning to create the special waters they drink, to carry the special energy that will transform their body to begin to assimilate and live from more of the pure light energy. Less food is needed in this first stage of development.

As the pilgrimage moves to Dharamsala, all pilgrims will sit in deep teaching and meditation to receive the first 3 day's training for their body and mind to attune to this higher light vibration. In this portal, the light held in the earth carries a softer yet higher frequency, which is the light needed to teach the body and mind that it can be sustained by light alone.

The meditation techniques that will be offered to all present, create a freedom for the body and mind from the realm of matter, and offer the body and mind a connection to the realm of light. As pilgrims journey with the teachings, and practices of deep meditations of the Yogi path, they will learn to deepen their meditations and receive the light more deeply and more quickly.

As pilgrims, we will then travel to Varanasi, one of the oldest cities on earth, where an ancient light is held. In Varanasi, the light Masters will be gifting all pilgrims, the awareness and techniques that support the mind to let go, and let the light flow through the heart and their spirit, into matter, into all regions of the body. The light Masters will guide all present on how the light penetrates the body and mind when it is focused on with love and higher awareness.

Special breath techniques and mantras that open the body and mind to the light realms will be shared, so as they are practiced, each pilgrim may learn to adjust the light frequency and the flow of light through their mind and body, to serve them in the highest way.

As the pilgrimage travels to Bodhgaya, the portal of enlightenment for Buddha, each pilgrim will complete the pilgrimage with the light Masters. As we complete the yogi training, we will be gifted higher understanding about how to return to our homes, families and communities to carry this higher vibration of light, and continue to learn whilst at home, how to practice the art of living on light through the 5 stages.

The 5 stages of development will be shared in full, and all pilgrims will receive understandings and the techniques so they may return home and follow this path of enlightenment for their body and mind. Some aspirants may join this pilgrimage to simply learn the art of deepening their meditation and light connection, and may choose to continue the path of enjoying foods.

Others may return home and choose to embody these teachings and practices and slowly build their light connection through the body and mind, to enter deeper and deeper states of oneness and possibly even choose to move towards the path of fully living only on prana and pure light.

This training is a gift from the Masters of light to humanity. As pilgrims receive these sacred teachings, they will be in divine service to all beings, representing all of humanity on the path of enlightenment and on the path of raising the light vibration of humanity.

If you are called by your heart to this pilgrimage, beloved, you are being called by God or the Buddha nature within you, your Divine Presence. Listen to your heart and be in peace, with all in your life. Ask for the path to be cleared for you so you may join this sacred pilgrimage if it be in divine order for you to spend 16 days in Northern India with Babaji, Buddha, Maitreya receiving this special 14 day training.

Blessed Be, Blessed Be, Blessed Be all Beings! Sri'ama Qala

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To love… is to accept and embrace all that is, all that has been and all that will be, truly sources from the heart of God, and to know that God lives within all beings…. To love God is to be with God… this is your greatest freedom… Maitreya

Introduction to the Art of Living of Light as a Step on your Path of Enlightenment
A Divine Teaching from Maitreya

To live on light one must love to receive God's light. The mind of humanity does not presently understand the nature of God's light deeply. When the mind reconnects and receives the light of God in its purest form, it begins to believe in God and in the living light frequency that emanates from God's heart to all beings. This is also the conscious awakening and opening of a soul's divine connection to Source beloved.

For many who work with the light, there is struggle between the mind and that which is known as the ego, the unresolved aspects of the soul and spirit. Many processes such as deep surrender support this letting go process but these moments of surrender do not enlighten the mind with the light of God, nor create the mind to receive the light.

The body is a vessel fed by the soul, and the body is only fed by the higherself or holy spirit of the soul when the mind is freed and reconnected to receive the light of God, deeply. The manufacture of light can occur within the soul body, and if the soul lives in mastery, they may draw the light from All That Is, from all around them and all in their universal environment to build the light body. Yet this is a more difficult path for humanity as much cleansing and many years of meditation, deep focused positive thinking and karmic resolution, are needed.

The divine vessel of the body, until the mind establishes a clear connection with the light of God, continues to manifest and live from the energy of pranic foods, water and other forms of energy that can be received, beloved. The divine vessel of the body is in a homeostasis in accordance to the energies it receives, and sometimes for strong lightworkers, this can create difficulties.

When a strong lightworker has infusions of the pure light and their soul receives these, yet their mind is in struggle and in rejection of the light due to not yet establishing its clear connection, then the body may manifest two alternating symptoms in life. Sometimes it will ingest and deeply receive the light, and sometimes it will reject the light. This in accordance to the mental state of the soul at the time, for the mind is a powerful transmitter and projector of a soul's reality, all their thoughts manifest as either symptoms or as clear light experiences in the physical body.

The five stages of transformation in regards to the alchemical changes in the body that must be produced, which are necessary for a soul's body to live on pure light, are very important to understand. The first stage is a gentle opening of the body's anatomical systems to connect to the light in the unified field of life. This can be accelerated, or broken and corrupted by the power of the mind. A soul must truly learn about the light, and about the source that is God's divine power to give life and take life through the passageways of entering and releasing from the material world. There must also be an acceptance in the mind that this higher state of presence, God within, and God Source, are always working together for a soul's higher good.

The first stage of transformation is made through the deep meditation practices of the yogis and ancient masters who have learnt to materialize and dematerialise, at will. Long ago, these ancient ones passed on the teachings, and the ways to deeply meditate to create the first stage of transformation. It is a surrender from the material world, as only those who surrender from the material world can receive the light of God in its fullness, and through this, have their bodies and minds, held by the pure light.

Sustenance from this light, also sources from the sun and inner earth. The ancient ones taught many, the highest initiates of light in Ancient Egypt and in India, still today, this ancient practice is passed on to those who are the highest initiates of light via direct contact.

Tibet is also a sacred sanctuary where some of their lineages teach aspects of this practice through Buddhism. In other aspects of Asian culture and religious practice, aspects of these teachings can also still be found, however India, carries the largest and clearest lineage that holds these teachings and this is found through aspects of both Hindu and Buddhist teachings.

Sikhs who have become the highest initiates of light, also have a connection to aspects of the teachings beloved, yet the ancient teachings offered have not been able to be carried through one lineage successfully since they were given by God to the Ancient Egyptians in ancient times.

It was the ancient Egyptians who first received these teachings many thousands of years ago, and this took place before 4000 BC. As they embodied these teachings in a small group, the teachings became more accessible to other high initiates of light in other regions of the world as the field of light they were sourced from, was accessed by others.

It is in this way, the teachings came to many different cultures and in their own languages, and aspects were applied to the different needs of beings in these cultures, beloved.

We speak of India now, being the central portal for the advancement of spiritual initiates on the pilgrimage to sustain their bodies as they give over and surrender and detach from all in the material world. Life in this part of the world shows the detachment when you visit this sacred land, beloved.

The sustaining of their light is made each day through prayers and their religious or spiritual practices. As you are aware, within this land, are many portals and your group will be visiting three of the largest portals of light in India. We have guided the pilgrimage to visit these 3 portals due to the immense carriage of the lineage of "Living on Light" that has been practiced and embodied by beings in these portals.

The Saddhus of India have travelled in oneness with the Ganges River since the original birth of the Vedas. The first holy man gave away material attachments to all food, water and sleep along this sacred river. This river is the portal and it is the water of the Ganges that carries the light of this portal. Being blessed by the river, is a significant step in opening one's mind to the light of God.

Deliverance of the holy teachings in one single program has not occurred since the ancient times of Egypt when it was originally delivered with the intention to birth humanity's awareness to grow and open to the light of God within and within All That Is.

To live on the light as I have shared, one must love receiving the light of God more than one loves all that the material world holds. The light of God and returning to be with Source, must be the primary wish of an aspirant for them to initiate themselves through the five stages of transformation to be able to live from the pure energy of God's light.

In the ancient times, many began this process and some fulfilled all 5 stages and it is this that assisted them to sit and enter deeper and deeper states of connection with God for their enlightenment. This is the one path that all beings who have become enlightened on the earth, share. They share this deep heart wish as their one focus in life, and living on light is a precept to this path of enlightenment.

In divine reflection of all that God holds for you, I bless you on your path with the light of God

With the Enlightened Master's blessings, Blessed be your Path in this life, Maitreya

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