Egyptian Journey Testimonials for Sacred Journeys to Egypt

"The 3 weeks in Egypt with Qala and Amaya were the most profound experience of love and support of my life. The true effect began after my return home, and continues and accelerates week after week." With deepest gratitude for all you do, and much love, Sieglinde Merwin (Kalayzia) California, USA

"Egypt and Mount Sinai: A Soul Healing Journey... Transformational into the very core of my being. The sounds evoked in those sacred temples and that sacred land continue to resonate within. I give deep thanks to All That Is for this Blessing in my Life. Namaste." Lehaya Shamahlea Kiama Ki'El

"The "Egyptian Sacred Journey" was a trip of a life time. This was a journey of abundance. My heart was touched by receiving so many delights—deep spiritual teachings from Qala, exploring a country rich in ancient wisdom & sacred sites, journeying with a beautiful group of people from around the world & travelling in comfort & at times splendour. It felt like each day I received so much & more kept coming. Qala & Amaya's love, & that held by the group, helped any challenges became part of the tapestry of this healing, creative journey. Love, integrity, joy, inspiration, grounded integration - these are some of the qualities I saw in Qala & were reflected in our group journey through Egypt. My heart smiles & sings for joy at the memory of this 'coming home' experience. I feel so blessed & thankful for the opportunity to have experienced such a wonderful sacred adventure."
Melissa Edwards (Therapist/Teacher)

"My connection to my soul prior to this journey was a concept or at best a very vague sense. It is now a deeply felt experience available and identifiable in every moment. Beyond this and the further opening and expansion of my heart and all centres, the gifts were so numerous and beyond anything I could ever have imagined, these few words and indeed words themselves can hardly touch what I received and am able also to now give. So much Love to you" Obo, USA

"This has been a beautiful soul journey for me. Slowly unfolding into the heart of sacred Egypt. My mind, body and soul have experienced joy and love through new dimensions never before felt. I thank Qala and Amaya for this magic I now feel inside of me. May all who tread this path in the future discover the joy of going Home. Thank you." Rasmuheen

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"The clarity and simplicity of the Masters' teachings through Qala have bestowed the gift of Grace in understanding life circumstances and how they relate to collective consciousness. The tools received have allowed this Grace to flow ever deeper. Being in pod group consciousness has given me amazing freedom through acceptance and support at a very deep soul level. The love and light that flows through group consciousness has assisted me to move through many initiations which would have otherwise taken lifetimes, bringing me ever closer to connection with a fulfillment of the work I came to do. The Masters' teachings synchronistically flow with what is occurring in my life and training with the Masters on a daily basis is a constant source of joy and wonder.

Through the three week Egyptian Mystery School Journey, Qala and the Enlightened Masters lovingly supported and empowered me to open in sacred heart to my divine mission. The challenges met resulted in exponential growth in the most grace-filled and loving way. My deepest gratitude for facilitating this unfoldment." Ra'ueena, keeper of grids and matrixes

"Dear Qala, I am writing this to thank you and acknowledge you for freeing my spirit and soul. I honour you for your ability to carry out your work in such a loving and grounded way. You manage so beautifully, along with Amaya, the task of keeping a schedule and a focussed teaching which is impeccably delivered. It is so effective and transforming. My gratitude for this blessing to come to me in this life extends far beyond my single soul consciousness. I feel the impact it is having on many levels to many, many souls who seem to be working through me. I feel this etherically and I express all this gratitude through me to you. I love you. I am so very thankful to you for achieving this level of clarity for us all to receive your gifts. May I take what you have led me to, and reach out to the rest of humanity with as much love as you. Many, many ♥ returning to you."