The Secret Teachings of the Masters

Saturday 4th — Sunday 11th October 2014

Meet Qala Sri’ama Phoenix, international teacher, in Egypt for a Sacred Journey through the Temples & receive the Secret teachings of Love, Divine Energy, Telepathy, Birth/Death/Incarnation & Spiritual Lineage from the Enlightened Masters

This is a Sacred Journey to receive the Secret Teachings held in the Light Chambers of The Great Pyramid, Karnak Temple, Luxor Temple, Valley of the Kings & Pyramid of Love

What are the Secret Teachings? The Secret Teachings of the Masters are the oral transmissions of Universal wisdom teachings that have been held in secret chambers of the Egyptian Temple System and the Pyramids for the past 12,000 years. Each ancient temple or sacred site has special energetic doorways that when connected to offer you a higher access to the light frequency and gifts of the temples.

These chambers are “light chambers” held within the Earth, which can only be accessed through higher connection made within the Spiritual planes. The secret chambers, were anchored into the Earth as Portals of Light from the Universe, by the Universal Masters of Light over 12,000 years ago creating light bridges for all on Earth to the worlds of light, and higher dimensions of consciousness.

The physical Sacred Temple Structures and Pyramids were designed and built to safeguard and protect access to these Light Chambers and the Divine Consciousness they hold for all beings on Earth, act as doorways or antennas for planetary light grid upgrades, alignments and telecommunication stations for the higher consciousness of all species, and light beings. Visiting these sacred sites and entering the divine light chambers activates the telepathic centres, the brain’s energy centre and supports the divine connection of one’s energy field to exchange consciousness with the planetary earth grid. This supports the awakening of one’s Soul Remembrance through one’s own Divine Connection to Source and all Life.

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Qala Sri’ama has been given access to energy doors of the Temples and Pyramids, holds the initiation of the sacred ceremonies and the special ways of access into the inner sanctum of the light chambers that are held within the Physical Temples and Pyramids sacred sites in Egypt. Through telepathic communion with the Guardians of these Sacred Sites, Qala will guide you to make your own divine connection to the Inner Sanctuary within each of the Temples and Pyramids that you visit with her over these 8 days. You will also receive the oral transmissions of the Secret Teachings of the Masters, from 5 Enlightened Masters in accordance to the following subjects on the program below.

  • The Secret Teachings of Divine Energy, with El Moyra
  • The Secret Teachings of your Lineage, with Kuthumi
  • The Secret Teachings of Telepathy with Serapis Bey
  • The Secret Teachings of Birth, Death & Incarnation with P’tah
  • The Secret Teachings of Love, with Isis

For information on “The Secret Teachings” journey with Qala in Egypt in October Contact: Rapheah
Ph +61 2 66858658