The Sirian Transmissions

A 9 Day Training With the Enlightened Masters
Opening Your Access the Library of Light on Sirius

29th October – 7th November 2012
In the Field of the Great Pyramid, Cairo, Egypt

The Pyramids of Giza

The Pyramids of Giza


“The Sirian Transmissions” is a 9 day training program with Sri’ama Qala and the Enlightened Masters for the purpose of opening your mind to receive the divine truth, higher knowledge and wisdom of the ascended and enlightened planes, also known as The Universal Library of Light. The primary door for access to the Universal Library of Light for all on Earth is through their connection to Sirius. This training is being offered to a small pod of 15 people in Egypt, directly within the energy field of the Great Pyramid due to the fact that the training is only possible in this sacred place, and also due to the deep level of personal training needed.

Sri’ama Qala has held direct access to the Universal Library of Light for the past 12 years, and through this access has supported many around the world to receive wisdom and divine truth, normally held only by the enlightened or ascended beings of light. All of her work with the creation of new programs and trainings, is sourced through accessing the Universal Library of Light. Many people are often surprised at the level of clarity, detail and wisdom she has been able to provide on a large range of subject matter, and also in support of individuals on a personal level.

During the training, Sri’ama Qala, The Enlightened Masters and Sirian Archangels will be supporting your soul, mind, body, energy field, chakra system and consciousness to open a very special connection, which would otherwise take many years to create. This is now possible, due to the level of access Sri’ama Qala holds herself with the Universal Library of Light, and also because she has been given permission by the Enlightened Masters to create this training for a small group to open their clear access to the Universal Library of Light.

This specific work is new, unique and will be sourced directly from the Universal Library of Light for the first time, as it is received. It is also highly likely the training will not be repeated as Sri’ama Qala’s mission is to develop new education with live groups and release it, sometimes many years later, to students in higher levels of training.

This training will involve 3 aspects of focus:

  • The development and practice of 6 primary techniques for opening your clear access to the Universal Library of Light for your unique purposes
  • Master Attunements for this purpose in the Great Pyramid and Sphinx, and 4 Stargate Healing Journeys for the Opening of your Masculine Pillar of Transmission to the Universal Library of Light
  • Group discussions, and Questions/Answers/Tips for personal development of one’s access to divine truth and wisdom from the Universal Library of Light

Please read further to receive:


If you choose this training, you will be learning to merge with your Sirian Higher Self whilst working with the 6 primary techniques of the training.

Within the training, you will be learning to open and advance your Sirian Higher Self channel and your Higher Self’s gifts of access to the higher wisdom and divine truth of the Libraries of Light. This training program is designed to specifically train your mind, soul and energy body to receive universal knowledge and divine truth, via opening your Sirian Lightbody and masculine pillar of light to the higher realms of light, via our sun and Sirius A.

This is a wonderful short course for messengers of the light, teachers, to expand their abilities to clearly access divine truth for the purpose of their own evolution and for the assistance of others on their path of evolution in consciousness. To receive the full value of the training, one will need to be able to meditate, and illuminate one’s energy and chakras with light. Therefore this is not a training for beginners on the spiritual path.

If you have already opened the pillar of light (that runs through your chakras) partially or fully, this course will advance you powerfully and fine-tune your energy body to allow you to receive greater detail, in accordance to your intention, from the universal bank of divine truth, wisdom and knowledge. The portal to this divine bank of wisdom on all subject matters in the universe is held on Sirius.

This 9 day training is facilitated via:

  • A series of new teachings offered by the Enlightened Masters on the steps you may take to create clear access to the libraries of light on Sirius. All will train for 4 – 8 hours each day in a pyramid chamber of light, grounded by the Enlightened Masters. For five days of the training, we will receive instruction for 8 hours a day. On the other four days of training, we will have half days of training for 4 hours a day and some integration time
  • Two very special private visits to the Kings Chamber of the Great Pyramid and Paws of the Sphinx to receive the Master Activations with the Enlightened Masters. You will also receive 4 powerful healing journeys to free 4 of the dimensions of your masculine consciousness or masculine pillar of light that may otherwise block your clear connection to the Library of Light on Sirius
  • A transformation of one’s energy field will take place over the 9 days of sacred work for the opening of your clear connection to the Sirian Archangels and Emissaries who will be your support team and guides, when opening your channel to access the divine truth and universal knowledge from the Library of Light on Sirius. You will receive Master activations and attunements of your channel to the Library of Light on Sirius.

The four dimensions of one's consciousness which facilitate this connection to be conscious, clear and open, are based through one’s heart connection to one’s masculine pillar, connected through the star or galactic systems of Orion, Sirius, Chiron, and Alcyone, the central sun in the Pleiades system.

Our lightbodies connect us to the higher planes of consciousness and the field of divine wisdom where the source teachings, wisdom and truth are held for all beings. When these 4 higher dimensions of our masculine (yang current) connection through our lightbody are opened to receive divine truth from the Universal Libraries of Light, we are attuned to be able to expand our access to divine truth. The opening of these connections takes place through specific healings orchestrated by the Enlightened Masters.

Once this occurs, if we open our channels (our light pillars) and raise our vibration to receive source teachings and divine truth in regards to a specific intention, we will be able to easily attune our lightbody to receive the wisdom and clarity of universal teachings.

When these 4 energy portals (connected to Sirius, Alcyone, Chiron, Orion) in your lightbody are open and cleared, there is an open and free exchange of information and clear access to the Libraries of Light on Sirius through one's central pillar, mind and energy field. One is then able to receive the higher knowledge from the Libraries of Light through one's divine connection in accordance to one’s intention.

The training's purpose is to activate the gifts of one's librarian nature for the expansion of one’s ability to bring through more detailed works for any purpose, creating a wider channel to your higher consciousness, Higher Self and Divine Presence. This specific form of training can only take place at this time through the energy field of the Great Pyramid with the Enlightened Master’s assistance, as the frequency of the Keystone portal of the Great Pyramid is needed to supercharge the sacred energy work we are to receive.

We will be gathering in a conference room of The Mena House Oberoi Hotel by the Pyramids for our sacred work. Our journey includes two private hires — one hire of the Kings Chamber of the Great Pyramid and one visit to the Paws of the Sphinx for the higher level of our work.

The Pyramids of Giza

Image of our night sky — Sirius is on the far left,
& the Haley-bopp comet on the right


The Universal Library of Light holds the knowledge, wisdom and divine truth of the universe, within it. Sirius is the first doorway of access to the Universal Libraries of Light from the Earth, and when you clearly connect your energy body and mind to the source field of Sirius and work with specific master techniques, you are able to access this universal knowledge and bank of wisdom for unique purposes.

Sirius carries the akashic knowledge for our known galactic system, the Milky Way galaxy, as well as being a gentle guide for the evolution of our Earth and our civilization, a little like a big brother. The civilization of light on Sirius is advanced, beyond our understanding and the light beings (non-physical) from Sirius have been assisting humanity to evolve for thousands of years. The light of Sirius feeds our Earth and all beings and through connection to Sirius, through aligning our wills to receive wisdom, we can enlighten our souls and minds.

Sirius, as this centre for universal wisdom, is based in the 6th–18th dimensions of the Christ and Universal Planes of Light. It is an ascended realm of light, a home for many archangels and emissaries of light who serve the divine plan and highest potential evolution of all beings.

The library of light on Sirius is held within each of these dimensions of consciousness as a knowledge base for all in the universe. The Enlightened Master’s source teachings are held in the higher dimensions of the Library from the 12th–18th dimensions. The Christ teachings on all matters, subjects, and the akasha of all beings are held in the 7th–12th dimensions of the Library of Light on Sirius. All divine wisdom and source truth is held in the 7th dimensions and above. The 6th Dimension of Sirius is a plane of attunement where one receives the energy to be able to raise in vibration and enter a group consciousness state for one’s receptivity and transmission, and access the higher dimensions of the library. One does not draw knowledge or wisdom from the 6th dimension, but prepares one’s energy to receive wisdom through the 6th dimension.

When a soul accesses the Universal Library of Light via Sirius, the mind is energetically supported through the assistance of the Sirian Emissaries to temporarily shift into a 6th dimensional connection so one can access through the 7th dimensions and above, the source wisdom and divine truth, for a purpose.

Accessing the library is not an everyday experience for humanity, yet some people on earth do have access to different levels of the library of light on Sirius, yet fewer still have clear access. The development of full, clear access is rare, according to the Enlightened Masters.

In other words, universal knowledge is received by some people, yet fewer still, receive this clearly in its full form and frequency, with its original essence of energy, detail and clarity, in tact. The art of accessing universal knowledge and wisdom takes practice unless one is an enlightened being or an ascended being with a direct, clear connection to the Library of Light on Sirius.

The full clarity of access can only be achieved via conscious training with the Sirian Librarians of Light and the Enlightened Masters, and only when a specific energy body development has been achieved. This 9 day training offers you the energy body development and conscious training with the Sirian Archangels (Librarians) and the Enlightened Masters and once this is complete, you will then need to regularly practice in order to fully ground and expand this connection. Clear instruction will be given to you to do this via the material you will receive in this training.

It is through making a clear connection with the Sirian Library of Light that you are able to:

  • Access soul gifts which you may not be presently activated in the physical plane
  • Access clear light Information or truth about all subject matters on earth and in our universe
  • Exchange consciousness via your higher self connection with many other advanced beings of light, in support of your soul mission on Earth.
  • Access divine wisdom for yourself on any personal matter or focus
  • Access divine truth and wisdom for others if it be their request

If this is your heart dreaming to clearly work with universal wisdom and the library of universal truth, to receive teachings or source information for your own evolution and for the evolution of our collective consciousness/our humanity, this training may be perfect for you.

This is a highly disciplined training so you will need to do a cleansing program for 21 days before you begin the training, so you can have all of your light, love and power, your consciousness, centered, and able to focus clearly throughout the 9 days. All who register will receive this 21 day cleansing program. This is a cleansing program of the mind and energy field, which will prepare you for the training.

The Pyramids of Giza


All who travel to be with Sri’ama Qala by the Pyramids of Giza for this 9 day training, will learn how to access the library of light via 6 primary techniques which can be repeated easily when the heart is open and glowing, and the crystal core of one’s energy body (spine and brain) is illuminated with light.

All of the training processes for channeling will be based on an easy exercise for opening your access to the higher light planes, and these 6 techniques are all higher extensions of this base exercise. Through regularly repeating the 6 techniques, one builds one’s connection and level of access to the Universal Library of Light, for different purposes.

The training will be fully recorded and all who register in the training will receive a copy of the high quality recordings of all training sessions and guided instructions, to be able to repeat at home and practice, the 6 primary techniques that must be learnt to create one’s access to the Universal Library of Light to grow and develop.

The 6 techniques are based on the use of advanced Sirian Light Technologies and hold the following purposes. As you receive instruction in regards to each of these techniques, you will receive the master teachings that create your mind to understand the process and be empowered as you work with each technique.

  • Technique 1: Creating your Energy Connection to Sirius — Learning how to align your energy body to the higher consciousness planes of Sirius and receive the source transmissions of energy from Sirius
  • Technique 2: Creating your Mind’s Conscious Connection to Sirius — Learning how to open your Mind to the Library of Light on Sirius and receive divine truth/wisdom
  • Technique 3: Creating your Access to the Universal Library of Light for a Specific Purpose — Learning how to switch levels of access for different purposes
  • Technique 4: Creating the Energy Connection of the Masculine and Feminine Pillars of your Lightbody to Sirius, so you receive all of the frequency of energy, love and wisdom sourced from your connection to the Library of Light, and ground it through your central pillar, heart, mind and body.
  • Technique 5: Higher Levels of Access and Greater Detail in Unison with the Universal Emissaries of light — Learning how to hone your abilities so you can receive greater detail of wisdom, divine truth and understanding
  • Technique 6: Creating your Access to the Universal Library in benefit of others and in accordance to their needs — Learning how to merge with your Higher self and the Higher consciousness of others to create your access to be specific to an individual’s needs or a group’s needs.
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Liberating your consciousness so new levels of access can be activated, is not simple unless one is able to work from a higher plane of consciousness and be very clear regarding one’s intention. For working with the Universal Library of Light and planes of wisdom and divine truth, is not only a choice your soul makes in training, but also your spirit needs to agree with, also. Your spirit is your light (your consciousness) held in other dimensions and has many levels of consciousness or awareness.

Your masculine spirit influences your power to open your mind, your power of transmission, your power to ground wisdom and your power to receive wisdom personally for not only your own benefit, but for the benefit of others. Within this training you will receive, and also help to co-ordinate 4 healings of your masculine spirit. There are 4 levels of connection within your masculine spirit that are specific to this training that expand your ability to work with the Universal Library of Light.

The stargates to Sirius, Orion, Chiron and Alcyone are enlightened doorways into specific higher planes of consciousness. Through each of the 4 healings, the Enlightened Masters will facilitate the space for your soul and spirit to meet in these stargates so your consciousness may be held in a higher plane, and so all of the transformational energy work can take place with stability, in a high frequency.

Through this journey, your will be receiving 4 powerful healings via 4 unique stargate healing journeys. These 4 stargate journeys are doorways for the opening, clearing and alignment of your masculine spirit and soul, to specific levels of connection to the divine truth held in the field of all life. Below is a description of the new levels of connection that will clear and open through the stargate journeys.


This healing journey will support one level of your masculine spirit to align to working with the Library of Light on Sirius, and to open your connection to the Sirian Archangels and Librarians of Light via a stronger power of knowing. In this journey you will meet with the energies of your masculine spirit that carry the power to either open your knowing to new truth, or to keep your mind closed to new truth. You will be attuning to the level of your consciousness, which is the guardian to your mind.

This is level of your spirit/consciousness that either opens or does not open to receive from the Library of Light. Your power of receptivity of higher wisdom from the library is connected to your masculine pillar and energy connection from Earth to Sirius. This aspect of your spirit is often the primary decision maker (law maker) in your life, influencing your mind and choices most powerfully if you have not yet built a very strong will and have not yet learnt how to direct your will clearly as a soul. This aspect of your spirit is known as your Sirian masculine consciousness and is the part of you that makes the rules for your life, sets the boundaries, and also removes them when there is good reason.


This healing journey will support the part of your masculine spirit that is a guardian of your heart and mind’s connection, and your acceptance of truth, to work with the Library of Light and all emissaries in this Library. This is the part of your masculine consciousness that carries the power to accept new truths and to either integrate them or to reject them and not align to them. This is the part of your masculine, which is a guardian of your field of higher awareness.

This aspect of your spirit is known as your Orion masculine consciousness and is the part of you that either chooses or rejects all wisdom or truth you will integrate, transmit and share. The power of your transmission of higher wisdom from the library is connected to your masculine pillar and energy connection from Earth to Orion.


This journey will support your masculine spirit to align to working with the library of light and all emissaries in the Library. This is level of your consciousness which carries the power to truly understand the teachings or truth received, and ground them into the practical, or to misunderstand the teachings or truth received and not ground the wisdom clearly.

This is the level of your masculine spirit that is a guardian to all of your personality and mind and energy body, integrating the truth or teachings from the Library of Light and higher planes of wisdom. This aspect of your spirit is known as your Chiron masculine consciousness. Your power of grounding the teachings and divine truth into the physical plane to support others, is connected to your masculine pillar and energy connection from Earth to Chiron.


This journey will support the level of your masculine spirit that is a guardian of your heart and soul energy, to align to working with the library of light and emissaries of the library. This part of your masculine consciousness carries the power to bring the wisdom, teachings and truth through your heart or to reject the wisdom personally, and not bring it into your own life.

This part of your masculine is a guardian to your personal life experience, and when aligned, opened and clear in its energy connection, enables you to live in accordance to this higher wisdom on Earth and ground the teachings or truth you receive via your channel, through your own personal life on Earth. This aspect of your spirit is known as your Alcyone masculine consciousness. The power of your personal alignment to the teachings, higher wisdom is connected to your masculine pillar and energy connection from Earth to Alcyone.

Through all of the stargate journeys, you will be supported to open your heart to embrace and heal your Masculine Spirit in different levels of your energy field as the portals in your lightbody and masculine pillar are cleared, energised and activated for attunement to the Library of Light on Sirius. Through meeting in a temple of love with the Enlightened Masters, and helping your spirit to accept love, dispensations of light and accept its heart connection to your Divine Presence, you will gently guide this part of your consciousness to give permission for the channel to open through the Library of Light on Sirius in accordance to the divine plan for your soul.

To complete and ground each new opening through your Masculine pillar of light, you will be guided to journal (write automatically) in response to specific questions from this higher state of connection, and as you channel through automatic writing, you will bring through truth through this new level of connection in your lightbody.

Self realisation and the illumination of your mind, soul, body and spirit will take place through this. Through each journey, you will evolve in your energy body connection to allow your higher access to begin to open.


The 9 day training will take place directly in the field of The Great Pyramid in Cairo, Egypt, as the Great Pyramid is a direct portal to Sirius A in the heavens.

Sirius A is the brightest star in our night sky. It is the closest star after the Sun that can be observed with the naked eye. Although it appears as a small bright, blue-white luminous light in our night sky, it is in fact over 5 times larger than our sun and approximately 20 times brighter. Five of our suns would fit into Sirius, and it directly feeds all on Earth through our sun, with pure light, for our advancement in consciousness and the evolution of our species.

The enlightened consciousness on Sirius A has created an advanced civilization of light beings who are peaceful, non-hierarchical, wise, loving, compassionate and kind. Sirius is a realm of light to which many beings from other civilizations, travel in their lightbodies to receive wisdom and gifts for their evolution, ascension or enlightenment. Sirius is a source for humanity to be closer with God, the Source of All That Is.

The Great Pyramid and other pyramids and temples, were designed by the Ancient Egyptians, in conjunction with Sirian knowledge, and Sirian technology. The structures were directly aligned to Sirius and Orion in the heavens for the purpose of creating a portal for connection to Sirius and Orion, for ascension into the higher planes or what they may have considered as the afterlife. The afterlife for the Egyptians, were the heavenly realms of Sirius or Orion.

To the ancient Egyptians, Sirius “the Dog Star” was the most important star in the heavens, with Orion as its great companion. Isis was equated by the Ancient Egyptians to their alignment with Sirius. Osiris, her counterpart, was equated to creating one’s alignment with Orion. In other words, Isis and Osiris were recognized by the Ancient Egyptians as bridges to these celestial realms of light. Each of the ancient Egyptian deities held a role, in this way, for the people, as a bridge to the higher planes of light.

Although the worship of the Gods/Goddesses in Ancient Egypt, with Temples built in their honour, may seem to be an archaic practice, when one understands the true nature of the relationship between the Egyptian people and these visitors, one may realize the beauty of the exchange between Sirius and Earth, as civilizations.

The truth is that the ancient Egyptians were making connection with enlightened or ascended beings from advanced civilizations of light, and they received visitations from these beings. They also received contact with them via their third eyes and spiritual connection. The inner sanctum of the temples was a place for higher initiates who held this contact, and a place of communion and connection to the stars for the advancement and growth of their light and consciousness. In other words, the original relationship was not created for the purpose of worship, but for the exchange of consciousness.

Many people are drawn to Sirius due to their soul’s memory of its source of wisdom and light, from previous civilizations such as Ancient Egypt, Sumeria and Atlantis. Humanity has a direct relationship with Sirian consciousness and all awakened on the path of spirit, intending to open their heart more deeply, have a counterpart in the realms of spirit, known as their Sirian Higher Self.

The Sphinx

The Sphinx


We will be receiving private access as a group to the Kings chamber for 2 hours so we can receive a master activation for our connection to the Library of Light on Sirius.

This is a very special experience for when the Kings Chamber is activated by the Guardians of the portal in co-operation with the Enlightened Masters, a great current from the earth core opens through the base of the pyramid and the light from Sirius A, Orion and our Sun, pours forth into the pyramid and concentrates in the Kings Chamber for the purpose of a soul’s ascension into the planes of light.

The Great Pyramid was built for this purpose, to support the King or Pharoah’s mergence with their holy spirit, Divine Presence. It was also built to support the earth’s grids in receiving the higher frequencies, and to be a keystone portal for the Earth’s evolution, in conjunction with many other portals and Pyramid structures.

We will also be blessed to spend 2 hours via private access, sitting in the Paws of the Sphinx. This area is not open to the public, unless privately hired by a group for special meditations or purposes. We will receive the second level of our Master Attunement in the arms of The Sphinx, the great guardian to the Akashic Halls of Divine Wisdom and Truth. Although a profound blessing and well worth the investment, it is important to understand that the private hire of these powerful sites do raise the fees of each conference package by US$400 per person due to the small number in our group.

The Pyramids of Giza

The Sphinx with the Great Pyramid in the background

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