“The Secret Teachings of the Masters” in Egypt

A 15 Day Training & Journey Within the Nile Temples
13th - 28th October 2012

From The Great Pyramid and The Sphinx, Cairo – The Nefetari Temple,
Abu Simbel – The Isis Temple, Aswan – Edfu Temple – The Luxor Temple,
Karnak Temple and Valley of Kings, Luxor – to The Great Pyramid and Sphinx, Cairo

Blessed Hearts,

33 people will be gathering in the Kings Chamber of the Great Pyramid, Giza, Cairo Egypt with Sri'ama Qala in October, 2012 to activate their lightbodies and energy field so they may receive the secret teachings of the Enlightened Masters. All will receive three levels of master activation of their energy field and lightbody that will clear and open their divine connection to the Enlightened Planes. This is a unique gift and has not been offered previously to a group.


Our Blessed Journey will begin in Cairo, receiving the master activation and connection to each other as a group. Over 15 days we will travel from Cairo, to Abu Simbel, to Aswan to Luxor and return to Cairo, following the ancient pilgrimage path as spiritual initiates along the Nile River.

We will spend 2-4 days in each sacred place we visit, moving between the comfort of conference rooms in lovely hotels whilst receiving the secret teachings with Sri'ama Qala and the Enlightened Masters, and the ancient temples where we will be practising the secrets teachings.


We will be visiting the Great Pyramid and Sphinx, The Temples of Abu Simbel, the Isis Temple, Philae in Aswan, The Karnak and Luxor Temples and Valley of Kings in Luxor, and then returning to The Great Pyramid and Sphinx, Giza in Cairo.

As we enter each of the ancient temples or sites, we will be guided and gifted powerful understandings and directions on how to change our energy and connect to each energetic level of the temple as we move through the temple structures, so to allow the ancient temples to gift us the highest level of spiritual connection. This is so we do not simply enter the sites as tourists but so we energetically receive and connect to each temple or portal.

In other words, as you move through the temples, all will be guided to connect to the temples in the ancient way of the priests/ high priests and high initiates. The purpose of our visits to the Temples is to receive the energy and consciousness upgrade of our human energy field, and to practise the secret teachings we have been receiving in circle in the privacy of the conference rooms.

You are invited to be one of the 33 people to form this seed pod and group heart connection in Egypt for the mission of receiving the secret teachings of the Masters.

This is a powerful 15 day training with the Enlightened Masters. We will be regularly receiving direct transmissions from an Enlightened Master, in deep sessions, for the purpose of training the mind to understand how reality, the universe and your consciousness truly works and how to master the reality of your incarnation with the 7 secrets of the Masters.

The Masters will be revealing for the first time, secret teachings on 7 primary subjects in a comprehensive form. This sharing will take place in conference rooms, and we will be visiting the temples of Egypt to specifically work with the techniques and secrets shared, as well as enjoy deep meditation in the temples for opening our pillars and the development of them in accordance to the guidance of the Masters.

We will have private time as a group in the Kings Chamber of the Great Pyramid specifically for magnifying and energising all we are receiving from the Masters. This knowledge has only been given to the highest of spiritual initiates before, and is being revealed now for the purpose of supporting many more to create their mastery in their lives through the planetary portal opening in December, 2012.

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What Are the Secret Teachings of the Masters

The Secret Teachings that will be offered by the Enlightened Masters, are as follows.

The master Kuthumi will be focusing on the secrets of energy and how energy is able to be calibrated within a few seconds to a specific frequency. How energy when resonating to a specific frequency, creates different realities. He will be sharing the 12 master keys, secrets held by the masters of energy, of how to calibrate energy within a few seconds. These are secrets the masters of energy use. This is called switching frequencies and allows you to create different chosen realities for yourself as your heart guides you.

The master Isis will be focusing on the secrets of the heart chakra and the harmonics of love. How to create love from one's heart, what the heart chakra is, and how to create it to hold harmonic rhythms through all dimensions simultaneously to create an instant feeling of harmony with anything you wish to harmonise with.

The master Maitreya will be focusing on the secrets of mind projection, for advancing your power of creation and manifestation. How to create your mind to be pure light, in 3 minutes, to change it from a lower negative state to a pure light state in a matter of minutes. You will be shown how to switch your mind on to a higher level of energy, into a higher dimension through pyramid energy.

The master Christ will be focusing on the secrets of alchemy, for the blending of different frequencies in the body to create the ascension of the physical body. You will be shown how to create the concentration of light frequency through the physical body in a matter of minutes for its health and ascension. You will learn how to implant a pure consciousness into the body to create the body to heal or regenerate, if this is needed. You will be shown how to activate the body to house a higher Presence or consciousness within 3 minutes.

The master Serapis Bey will be focusing on the secrets of your pillar, your bridge of light that interconnects your soul to your higher consciousness in higher realms of light. The blessings you will receive via Serapis Bey's offer of secret knowledge of the pillar, will give you the key understandings of how your pillar works, how within less than 3 minutes you can ignite it, and how more is attracted to you, via it. He will be guiding you to learn the art of how to attract through your pillar, the things you are guided you need in life, to support your soul growth, life purpose and enjoyment.

The master Hilarion will be focusing on the secrets of the universe, the unified field and its source of creation. How you may move the universe's field to be in service to you. How you may draw from the field, 1000 times the amount of energy you are able to draw in personally, through a specific understanding and technique which takes less than 5-7 minutes. How one can draw one's higher consciousness in through this same method, through the power of combining the secrets of energy, heart chakra, mind projection and alchemy through a process which takes less than 10 minutes.

The master Germaine will be focusing on the secrets of creation. How you truly create your reality not just with your thoughts, feelings and the vibration you send out through the universe, but exactly how you create your future reality many years ahead. The understandings will be shared on how a specific method of blending five specific elements or energies, creates your creation to blossom and be accelerated in its manifestation in a form beyond your physical abilities.

Throughout the journey, you will be guided to use these secrets to enhance your experience of your Divine Presence and to enlighten your soul, energy and consciousness.


Divine Presence Code

Sound the mantra 21 times as you look into the code to open your divine connection with your Divine Presence more deeply.

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