The Blessed Journey

Blessings dear hearts! We hope you enjoy reading this information package for Sri'ama Qala's 2012 Journeys in Egypt. As you sit and browse, call in the Enlightened Masters, your Guides and your Divine Presence and you will be offered a blessing as you connect to this information. Blessed Be!

THE BLESSED JOURNEY offers you 3 options of training with Sri'ama Qala & The Enlightened Masters in Egypt in October - November 2012.

  • Option 1: The Secret Teachings of the Masters 13th – 28th October 2012
    A 15 day training and journey along the Nile Temples to receive the Secret Teachings of the Masters and be guided to work with these secrets in the most beautiful and powerful Temples of Ancient Egypt.
  • Option 2: The Sirian Transmissions 29th October – 7th November 2012
    A 9 day training to open your access to the Library of Light on Sirius within the field of the Great Pyramid, Cairo.
  • Option 3: You may register for both of these trainings as they complement each other perfectly.

Introducing Sri'ama Qala Phoenix

Qala is an experienced spiritual teacher who specialises in creating new education and grounding this new education via specific earth portals and sacred sites. Her work is unique in that she accesses with clarity, an infinite body of new education on a large range of subjects. This takes place through her enlightened plane connection with her Presence and 96 Enlightened Masters.

Each of the new programs hold a specific purpose in service to humanity and Gaia. They are designed in conjunction with the Enlightened Masters, are supported by visitations from many Divine Presences including the Archangels and Angels, and are delivered via the heart with clarity, love, wisdom and high frequency in direct response to the needs of each member of the group.

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