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We invite you to join Qala Sri’ama Phoenix for her new One Week Training



This unique training is being offered only once in USA. If you are guided to join Qala for the purpose of being supported to learn how to ENGAGE in life with a HIGHER STATE OF CONSCIOUSNESS & with a HIGHER VIBRATION & HEART RESONANCE, this unique training will offer you a once in a lifetime experience that you will treasure for many years to come.

MONDAY 11th – MONDAY 18th AUGUST 2014

Held at the Lifebridge Sanctuary, Rosendale, New York

For further information Eeshah:

Our Aims Over The Week Will Be

  • To Understand our Universal Connection
  • & Then Learn how to Bypass Your Mind Through the Sacred Energy Science Teachings
  • & Then Learn how to Engage Your Energybody Into a Different State of Connection so you can Experience Oneness

Beloved heart, when you fully understand YOUR UNIVERSAL CONNECTION
You can SHINE AS A DIVINE BEING throughout your life.

Experience the DIVINE AT WORK in your life!

Understanding energy and how you can almost magically shift your state of awareness, raise your consciousness and raise your light vibration through understanding the energy science of your Universal Connection is the focus of this 7 Day New Training held in New York State. Come and receive understandings that will free your mind and set you in a clear direction with your energy work and spiritual path of the open heart.

Qala Sri’ama Phoenix, has lectured, and facilitated some of the most profound teachings regarding energy science through the EASE (Energy Attunement Science of Enlightenment) Program, which she created in 2007. As an international teacher her work is world class, delivering new education that has not been shared previously, via her Universal Connection and the support of 96 Masters of Light who she conjoins her consciousness and energy with as she teaches.

Learn more about Qala Sri’ama Phoenix through her websites:

Her new mission objective in New York is to share the enlightened understandings of the “Energy Science of our Universal Connection” in a very simple, easy to understand format so that those who are spiritually awakened can harness their energy and carry a very clear connection through their consciousness and energy and no longer struggle within their mind on their spiritual path of growth.

Have you ever wondered how some live in a higher state of consciousness and how some no matter how dedicated they are on the spiritual path, being open minded and open hearted as much as they can simply do not live in their higher energy connection and higher state of awareness?

Have you ever wondered, how some people live in this higher state of consciousness unaffected by the negative energies or fears that others are sometimes influenced by; and how they simply carry themselves in the world with Presence, and emanate a higher vibration and freedom? So many teachers share the same message... Open the Heart, Forgive and Live in Compassion, Seek the Truth Within, It is all within You, You are Gifted and Special, You are One with All Beings.

All this is the truth, and for some this is their spiritual path and they live grounded in their Open Heart, whereas others strive and struggle to do this. If you experience this struggle and you strive to carry the kind, loving, compassionate feminine qualities, and the clear, intelligent, creative masculine qualities of your Soul... is it not true, that the more you seem to give, the more you sometimes fear or experience limitation in your energy... and that the more you open yourself, the more you sometimes are triggered by circumstances in life, which do not reflect your aim to live an inspired, loving, life of peace and oneness?

If this is true and you seek to come into balance with the love, light and power of your human heart within the energy body of your soul, you may carry energy in an unresolved form, in dimensions unseen and unknown by your being. This energy is the source of all your feelings of being held back or down, in times when you take that big step forward to trust your heart, your light, and the Universe’s abundance and love. This in turn may create you to feel like, as you step forward, you then take some steps backward.

In your energy body... your physical body, soul, mind and spirit is contained and cocooned to form the nature of your Self, or your Individual nature. When your Universal Connection is understood by your mind, this unseen unresolved energy, which is your responsibility to let go of or transform, is able to shift from your energy system, so that a state of higher connection is able to be achieved. For it is only through entering a higher state of connection that unresolved energy can be transformed or released.

For it is your mind that is the balance point of the equation of all your love, light and empowerment being freed from the very core of your being. Freeing your consciousness from the lower operations of the mind, which you may have inherited from the collective and your ancestors, is not a simple matter for a soul who has an 4 unclear energy system. A soul can spend 20 or 30 years on their spiritual path simply chasing their own tail in search of what it is they must let go, or forgive, to free their consciousness, if the energy system is not clear. For when the energy system is not clear, Universal Connection cannot be accessed and one cannot enter the higher state of connection where the transformation or letting go takes place, from.

When the mind does not understand how the Universal Connection and its design within the human energy system is empowered to free all of one’s energy and consciousness, the mind takes control of one’s life and this allows the ego nature of one’s soul to be able to guide one’s spiritual path and journey in the physical plane. Those on the spiritual path receive practices or teachings to help them open their consciousness and enter a higher state of connection through deep meditation, but this higher state of connection is not experienced in the physical plane matters of their day-to-day reality when the mind has no understanding of the Universal Connection.

Communion with your Higher Self and Divine Presence can be activated through your everyday life actions and experiences, but until the Universal Connection is understood clearly by the mind, communion with Higher Self and Divine Presence is limited to the times when one is resting in a deep inner space in the open heart, which is usually achieved via deep meditation.

Communion is the experience of oneness. When a human being experiences communion, the mind no longer operates with thought and analysis. The logical mind and intuitive mind are no longer working in separation, and the operation of our lower mind that creates feelings and thoughts of separation is temporarily suspended. True knowing from one’s Higher Self or Presence is experienced within one’s conscious awareness, when this altered state of experience occurs.

Over the 7 days, this divine training will open your mind to exactly how your Universal Connection operates, in order to free your energy and consciousness. Tapping into this with your conscious awareness, will enable your Soul to experience Communion with your Higher Self or Divine Presence, without your lower mind interrupting the flow, filtering the connection, or limiting or lowering the vibrational resonance of your energy and consciousness.

This divine training will provide you with the simple yet powerful tools you need to activate your energy system, so your shift can be real... really in your reality... and a grounded experience for your being. When a soul’s energy body shifts in its vibrational resonance, one’s whole energy and consciousness makes the shift. One’s body, soul, mind and spirit, all contained in one’s energy system, makes the shift in energy and consciousness, together. No part is left behind. This is known as a holistic shift and has a lasting effect on one’s being.

If your heart calls you to be one of the 33 people who are being given the opportunity to receive this unique training... the knowledge and wisdom you will gain from giving yourself this week to learn about your Universal Connection, will free your mind of its lower mind operations. Freeing your mind of its lower perceptions has a powerful effect on your physical plane reality and your responses to duality 5 energies in others and your environment. You will have the knowledge of how your universal connection creates your consciousness to have no negative reactions or responses to duality energies and experiences.

Qala Sri’ama’s One Week Seminar Program in New York

The Energy Science of Your Universal Connection
11th – 18th August 2014

11 August 2014

Arrive and Settle into your room: 1pm – 2:30pm
2:30 – 3:00 Gather in the Sanctuary, add to the altar
3:00 – Qala’s Welcome to the Seminar

12 – 13 August 2014

Morning – Seminar Teaching on Energy Science & Personal Energy Shift via using the Teaching
Afternoon – Experience Oneness with Higherself & Presence
Evening - (Heart Sharings with all in residential retreat)

14 – 15 August 2014

Morning – Dispensations & Blessings for Clearing Universal Connection
Afternoon – Seminar Teaching on Energy Science & Personal Energy Shift via using the Teaching
Evening - (Heart Sharings with all in residential retreat)

16 – 17 August 2014

Morning – Experience Oneness with Higherself & Presence
Afternoon – Seminar Teaching on Energy Science & Personal Energy Shift via using the Teaching
Evening - (Heart Sharings with all in residential retreat)

18 August 2014

Morning – Summary of Teachings & Energy Shift Techniques & How to Apply this in your Life to Live in A CLEAR CONNECTED STATE OF DIVINE ENERGY & CONSCIOUSNESS

Give Yourself a Very Special Gift
Live in Residential Retreat With Qala Sri’ama

All who choose to live in residential retreat will have dinners with Qala as well as be able to engage with Qala more personally through the evening HEART SHARINGS.

The first 16 places of 33 places on offer will allow you to experience something very special: Those that join Qala Sri’ama in residential retreat at the Life Bridge Sanctuary, will have the opportunity to gather with her in the evenings after dinner, to be entertained by Qala Sri’ama’s “HEART SHARINGS OF LOVE AND WISDOM”, and to ask questions that will aid them in their personal life. Qala Sri’ama has a very large heart and during these Heart Warming gatherings, much will be shared that will inspire all on their spiritual journey of growth, and create them to enter their own Heart more deeply. Qala Sri’ama is living proof that reality is not what it seems to be, and there is infinite grace and possibilities for all beings through living in one’s Universal Connection. Join us for this unique and rare opportunity to have casual and personal exchange with Qala Sri’ama!


Regarding further information about the Residential Retreat, fees, registration and interest in attending the 7 day Training, Please contact:

Eeshah (Kathryn Elaine) via email for more information at: Please include a phone number where you may be easily reached. Thank you.

Note: that registrations being paid by check or credit-card-check, may be emailed to Eeshah, with the check being snail-mailed to her at:

Kathryn Elaine
300 Hudson Terrace
Piermont, NY 10968

For Credit Card payments only:

Registrations being paid directly by credit card should be emailed to Sri’ama Qala’s assistant, Rapheah, and are subject to a 4% surcharge to cover bank fees.

Rapheah’s Contact Details:
Phone: +61 2 6685 8658 (Australia Office)
Fax: +61 2 6685 8612 (Australia Office)

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